duminică, 18 septembrie 2016

How to choose the best 360 virtual tour provider

I am positive that if you are going to start swearching for the best 360 virtual tour provider, then you should definitely try the Tour Wizard - becausethis software solution is able to create gorgeous virtual tours starting from some simple images, images that a certain user of the platform is uploading in the cloud and then brings them together in what would be an effort to create the virtual presentation, then the best solution would be to adopt tight now Tour Wizard solution.

A major argument is in the ease of use of this software solution makes the perfect software for the marketing and sales departments of the big real estate companies that need to create virtual tours for their firms.

Besides everything, the fact that this solution has the best support, help, guides and the level of documentation is very good makes it a good candidate for the people who like to learn how to use the software themselves, the learning curve is very good also for a kid, that wants to learn a bit about technology.

At this moment, as far as the marketing and sales (or to better say it promotion) features are integrated in this software, we have to say that it is the best out ther, as the virtual tour can be distributed, can be sent on an email, embedded wherever you want. In a simple situation, this software is more thanable to make the online marketing necessary things in order to quickly sell your house.

Regarding the price, we have to say that the main plan is very competitive, as all the features needed are in the package and there are no hidden fees, no any other extra paid featurest that you would need to pay later (which could be very annoying).  

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