miercuri, 14 septembrie 2016

Transfer to Otopeni airport

There are days and days - as this life has certain moments when everything works great and all the things that you try or actually do are great accomplishments and on the other side the re are days when nothing really works as it should - and those days are the worst a man can desire in this life.

One of the good days was when I was in holiday in Romania and I was visiting Dracula's castle - which in fact was the castle owned by the monarchs from Romania - it was simply splendid - the nature, the architecture, the style of all those places - the food was also great and tes experience was marvelous - simply put it was the best day of my life.

But the next day was one of the worse, as we had a plane to catch, and our car simply broke - a rented car from Sixt, which meant that we were to loose our expensive flight to the States, a lot of money and everything was dreadful.

We were very lucky to find some good people that helped with a couple of phone calls, and we went with a local company that was providing a very nice service for Transfer to Otopeni airport - also with a great luxury Mercedes car for a nice price.

We had a very good experience as travelers in Romania, as we hiked the roads, we saw a lot of castles and fortified churches and many other interesting things - and we have also enjoyed food and the local cuisine.

We recommend anyone to make a trip in Romania - also Rentcarwithdriver really hepled us.

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